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It’s easy to think that you can’t make a difference. That you’ll never move a mountain. That you couldn’t change the world. But a lot of people making one small change can start a revolution. This is a site that’s all about giving. It’s not a matter of how much, or what, or even who you choose to give to. It’s just about getting in the habit of making the world a bit of a better place to live in.

It’s not about recognition either. You can keep your selfie, we prefer stealthy.

Be a part of the change. Join the Guerrilla Givers.

Cut The Cracker Crap

This Christmas, we’re on a bit of a mission, and we hope you’ll join us.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year – a time to have fun with the family, eat good food and watch some classic reruns on TV. However, as we all know, it’s not always wonderful for everyone.

For the homeless person on the street this winter, Christmas is a pretty awful time, especially as they watch happy festive shoppers walking past them, armed with bags of presents. For the child being beaten at home, there’s probably not going to be much of a Christmas this year. All they’re hoping for is for a day off being abused. Likewise, the refugee fleeing from their war-torn town isn’t thinking too much of Christmas… they’re just thinking about keeping their children alive.

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Please note – we talk about a lot of charities on here. However, we can’t be held responsible for the actions of any of them, though we do our best to make sure they’re reputable. Please do your research before donating. Most charities rock – but it’s worth checking before you give them your money.

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